Find it on the Hill.

Relatable Apparel. Clean Beauty. Awesome Accessories. Happy Homes.

Each scrunchie, headband, and scarf is hand sewn by the Hill. We pride ourselves in every fabric we pick and the quality of our work. Our shirts are designed by us and our beauty products are clean, effective, and use the least amount of chemicals. Our candles are clean, hand poured... the list goes on! We love seeing your beautiful face light up when use our products because everyone deserves to feel confident.


what people are saying
Seriously addicted to the hill.
— Brittany G, Wellesley ON
The best products, their stuff is so nice and the quality is second to none.
— Jessica V, Waterloo ON
The cutest boutique around.
— Keelie S, Elmira ON
I love these ladies, my customers can't get enough.
— Tara K (Maryhill Market), Maryhill ON