Believe it or not, there is a proper way to burn candles! Before we started in this business, we thought there was nothing to it. Light the candle, blow it out, done. But certain techniques make a huge difference in the quality of burn, how long it lasts, and the overall look. 

First things first, trim your wicks. Every single time, including the first! Trimmed wicks give a much brighter and cleaner burn, it also reduces smoke stains. But don't trim them too short or else you could experience tunneling where it sinks making a large whole rendering your candle useless. The recommend height is 1/4 every time!

Secondly, do not blow out the candle until it's melted all the way across the jar. Budget your time for this! Failing to do this will eventually cause what looks like a tunnel with layers of built up wax along the sides. This goes without saying, you are not maximizing your candle and are losing valuable scent/burn time! Not to mention, it'll be harder and harder to lite the wick the worse it gets.

Screwed up? If there isn't a huge build up, it can possibly be saved! Use a hair dryer to heat the top of the candle and melt the wax, causing it to even out. 

Of course for safety purposes, always use a flat safe surface, away from anything that can easily catch on fire. Also keep it away from windows & fans, or anywhere there is moving air. This also can help with reducing black marks on the glass.

Lastly, to get the full effect of our candles, burn the 8 oz. in a smaller room & the 16 oz. in a larger one! For obvious reasons, large spaces take more fragrance to fill the area. 

We hope these tips help to maximize your candles! We put so much time and effort into perfecting the quality of our candles, we want the best for our customers! 



SJ's Farmhouse

18 février, 2021 — Jeannette Kron

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