Hey! So glad you stopped by. 

We are two mamas and a mother and daughter duo who share the same passion and love for all things smelly and pretty. Our brand derived from the simple fact that we live in Maryhill, ON & on a hill!

We share the same work ethics, have years of experiences, and believe in creating products people can count on that aren't filled with chemicals, are the best quality, and true to our love of design. We have a blast picking fabrics, creating apparel, and so much more.

Also, there's a ton of stuff to worry about in this world, why worry more when it comes to what we put on our skin or the air we breathe? This belief truly carries us and drives us to constantly create and perfect our products. 

We both love our animals, friends, and family. To us, it's everything and we push ourselves everyday to have a good life and leave a legacy behind. If you don't put your heart and soul into something you love, does it really count? 

We could literally go on for hours, but we just want you guys to know how much we love, appreciate, and care about you and our brand. We promise to keep creating beautiful smells, products, and bring joy to your lives anyway we can! 


Sandra & Jeannette